How to choose the best photos for you

This can be a bit overwhelming, I know. But with a little help you can easily navigate through the process of finding the best photos for your home and office space.

1. Think about where you want the photographs to hang. In your office or in your home and which wall space works best.
2. Take a look at the 1st image below, the Wall Guide. This is a great reference when you're looking around your home or office to get an estimate of which size photographs will look the best on the selected wall. Anything smaller than 16 x 24 inches is going to look pretty small by itself.
3. Review the inspiration images in this gallery to get ideas for layout options and what size photographs will look good and fit a space properly.
4. Once you have your wall picked and some sizes in mind then it's the fun part - pick your favorites images!

Feel free to ask any questions you have and I'd be happy to work with you on putting together the best collection of images to hanging in your home or office. When you're ready, head over to make your purchase - Fine Art and Travel Photographs

Print size wall guide
60 x 30 inch print
36 x 24 inch images
45 x 30 and 24 x 30 inch prints
30 x 20 inch prints
30 x 40 and 12 x 18 inch prints
50 x 30 inch print
36 x 24 inch prints
16 x 24 inch prints
24 x 36 inch prints