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Based in MetroWest Massachusetts (but will travel pretty much anywhere)

Hi and thanks for taking a minute to look at my work. I'm Randall Garnick (but answer to Randall, Randy or Garnick) and I'm a Boston photographer but travel all over New England and also shoot in a number of destinations each year. I started Randall Garnick Photography when I moved home from California in 2009 and specialize in wedding photography, architecture & interior photography and corporate event photography. It's been a wild ride since this small business started, having photographed 250+ weddings, hundreds of beautiful interior spaces and dozens and dozens of corporate events.

Portrait of Boston photographer Randall Garnick Photo of Randall Garnick at night at Acadia NP

When I'm not out running with my sidekick Luna, an Australian Shepherd, you'll find me curating photo albums, striving to provide amazing customer service and chasing the light. I'm a visual storyteller and the details that capture the individual story are what find their way into my work. To me, that is the essence of photography - the story.

For the past 12 years, I've specialized in wedding photography in Boston, all around New England and a select number of destination weddings as well. I've been so lucky and blessed to work with amazing couples in every New England state, New York, Pennsylvania, California and the Florida Keys. I've traveled to three different countries to photograph incredible destination weddings. It's what drives me creatively and challenges me to create something unique for each couple - your personal story.

In addition to weddings you'll find me photographing: architecture (interiors and exteriors); professional headshots; environmental portraits; lifestyle and editorial work for marketing and advertising purposes; corporate events; and in education for the many universities in the New England area. Architecture and interior photography can be for design firms, interior designers, custom home builders and even larger commercial construction companies; Portraits can be corporate headshots on location, environmental portraits or a bit more editorial where I'm hired to visually tell part of a story; Events large and small around the Boston area happen all the time for our busy economy and I've photographed in pretty much every space imaginable.

The Wedding Experience:

"Overcoming all obstacles to get the right photograph at the right time. Chasing the light. Putting my clients' priorities first. Know the stories of the men and women I photograph are most important. Not hesitating to lay on the ground in a new suit to get the shot. More smiles and laughter...less drama. It's about capturing a huge milestone day in the lives of two people and doing it with respect, authenticity and in a creative way. Placing significance on documenting emotions. It's about legacy, your family legacy." Read more about the wedding experience.

The Commercial Experience:

I bring a dynamic combination of creative vision and practical application to each job and know the success of any project has more to do with team than ego. Lighting, attention to detail and the ability to collaborate with every client is what makes the resulting images successful. See more from my commercial portfolio here.


Randall Garnick Photography is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet. 1% of annual sales go to non-profits that work to create positive changes for our environment and planet. Giving back is a big part of my personal mission.

By the numbers (professionally):

  • 300+, total weddings I've photographed
  • 250+, weddings photographed as the lead photographer
  • 10, states I've traveled to in order to photograph weddings
  • 10, years as a full-time professional photographer
  • 3, countries traveled to in order to photograph weddings

When I'm not behind a camera, you'll find me -

  • running with Luna, my 7yr old Australian Shepherd (https://www.instagram.com/adventure_of_luna/)
  • training in Krav Maga (earned my 1st degree black belt 6/1/19!)
  • working on many house projects
  • training for my next long distance race
  • planning my next photography adventure
  • drinking an excessive amount of coffee
  • making bread from scratch
  • or trying to learn something completely new (baking & cooking top the list these days)

By the numbers (personally):

  • 13, half marathons completed
  • 3, full marathons completed
  • 725, running miles logged in 2020 (personal best)
  • 16, U.S. National Parks visited (only 43 more to go!)

Photographer Randall Garnick in action at Zukas
This is pretty much my happy place :) - photo credit: LoveDays Photography

Randall Garnick in action at the Seaport Hotel
photo credit - LoveDays Photography

Randall Garnick photographing a wedding reception
photo credit - Michael Hurley

Getting psyched for a reception to begin at Saltwater Farm Vineyard (ok, really just a lighting test image...) photo credit: LoveDays Photography

Self-portrait of Randall Garnick in Canada
Self-portrait taken at Cape Breton Highlands N.P. in Canada. This is from a 2700 mile road trip I made to the Eastern-most point in North America, Cape Spear near St. John's in Newfoundland Canada.

Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc in 2018. The hike covers about 100 miles, 10,000 meters of ascent and follows a trail from France to Italy, to Switzerland and back to France. One of the best things I've ever done. photo credit: Erin McArdle

Randall Garnick hiking the Inca trail in Peru
Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru in 2016. 25 miles of hiking, 4 days, peak elevation 13, 780 ft above sea level, no showers and an amazing experience. photo credit: Erin McArdle

Photographer Randall Garnick hiking in Vermont
photo credit: Erin McArdle
Randall Garnick Photography studio mascot Luna
Luna, my studio mascot, wondering why she can't be on the couch.