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The Randall Garnick Wedding Photography Experience

Authentic. Creative. Romantic. 

Overcoming all obstacles to get the right photograph at the right time. Chasing the light. Putting my couples' priorities first. Knowing the stories of the men and women I photograph are most important. Not hesitating to lay on the ground in a new suit to get the shot. More smiles and laughter...less drama. It's about capturing a huge milestone day in the lives of two people and doing it with respect, authenticity and in a creative way. Placing significance on documenting emotions. 

It's about legacy, your family legacy.


I would be happy to welcome you into my home showroom so you can see the full range of the experience I offer for your wedding.  Canvas gallery wraps, large custom printed and framed photographs, metal prints and of course a wide array of heirloom custom albums. Meetings are by appointment only.

Randall Garnick Photography showroom view 4


Custom designed. Hand-made. Heirlooms. 

I put just as much care and passion into the wedding albums as I do the photography. This is where the story of your wedding day lives, not hidden on a hard drive somewhere, but in a tangible, gorgeous, heirloom that will last a lifetime. It’s the culmination of all the hard work you do in the planning and in the work we do to create the imagery. Every wedding story deserves a beautiful home. I offer a variety of albums sizes and options to suit your unique style.

 Heirloom albums by Randall Garnick Photography