State Room Boston wedding photos

State Room Boston wedding photos

Any search of wedding photography at The State Room in Boston is likely to reveal the epic shot of a bride and groom against the gorgeous Boston skyline. And rightfully so, it could be argued it's the best view in Boston for a wedding or any other corporate event. But I've always fought against the grain, especially with my photography. And I consider it a personal challenge to find a unique angle and every wedding venue and for each of my clients. 

Boston Wedding Portraits

The portrait aspect of each wedding is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer. So when I noticed the potential in this scene during the cocktail hour of this State Room Boston wedding, I knew I should do something different with my clients later in the evening. And because I had already pre-visualized what the photograph would be like this was very quick to actually execute. Maybe all of five minutes away from their guests during the reception.

Wedding Photography Quick Tip

Be yourselves, be in the moment. As a professional that truly wants you to get the absolute best wedding photos I'll let you know if I see something out of place or some small detail that could be quickly changed to make an image better. But as the bride and groom, be authentic. That's a big part of my wedding philosophy and how I approach each wedding. Authentic, creative and romantic wedding photography for today's discerning couples.     

Location: 60 State Street, 33rd Floor, Boston, MA 02109.