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These are uncertain times we are living in and it appears that the situation and our future is changing daily. No one knows how long we'll be hanging out in our homes, trying to social distance ourselves and get along with our living partners. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk in nature if you can, yoga, meditation, exercise daily, get off social media every now and again and zone out. This has all been helping me greatly so far.

Please use this calendar as a reference if you are considering changing your current wedding date to a new date later this year. As you can see I have a lot of Friday and Sunday availability and I've even read people are now considering Thursday or Monday wedding dates. We all have to be flexible and work together to make the best out of this very unfortunate situation. Remember, your guests aren't going to care what day your wedding is on, your family and friends want to celebrate you and your love and they'll be there to support you in all of this.

As I mentioned previously, if your date does have to change due to the Coronavirus, there will be no fees or costs to change to a new available date. I know people are getting very stressed out and I want to let you know we're all together in this to move forward and to make your wedding day a success. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or to confirm if a date is available.

Stay safe, safe in your home as much as possible, wash your hands!